Bestowing All Due Respect

Women of faith have supported, guided, and journeyed with men of faith even to the point of engaging their faith to sustain the men when the men struggled with their faith and staggered along the journey. God has so ordained women to be the help-mates to men so much so that Jesus Christ validated women as critically essential to His ministry and He related to women as equal reflectors of God’s image. Without the input of women in ministry and life, the world would have a very skewed, incomplete, deficient, and faulty perception and perspective of God. The perspective that women reveal of God to the rest of the world makes our understanding of God comprehensive, thorough, unadulterated, and complete. This Women’s History Month we honor and pay homage to all women of faith and thank God for your tireless efforts to advance God’s kingdom agenda and for remaining committed to the cause of Christ.


Pastor Terry G. Thornton