Suggested Readings: Proverbs 16:18, 19 Daniel 4:28-33

Under the guise of healthy self-esteem, we can become haughty. In the name of

vanity, we can become conceited. Amid the expressions of appreciation and all

of the accolades that get showered upon us, we can become arrogant. And God

knows that the accomplishments that we have in life can cause us to think more

highly of ourselves than we ought. We must remain vigilant to remember that

“pride goes before destruction and an haughty spirit before a fall.” We must keep

the pressure in our head in-check and “deFlate” or let some of the air out of our

heads. We “deFlate” so we can remain useful to the Body of Christ. We

“deFlate” so God can still get the glory out of our lives. We “deFlate” so we can

remain properly aligned with the will of God. An inordinate ego will lead to our

destruction, will cause us to be puffed up and will make useless to the Kingdom.

But an appropriately pressurized spirit will keep us properly balanced and

effective for advancing the Kingdom agenda.