I Will Go, I Shall Go, I Must Go

Suggested Readings: Isaiah 6:1-8; Acts 3:1-8

There comes a point in the life of every believer when he or she says that “I will

go” or “I shall go” which, after an awesome encounter with God, usually leads

him or her to saying “I must go.” For most believers it comes after having a

totally unexplainable overwhelming encounter with the Lord. The encounter is so

magnificent that our limited vocabulary is unable to fully and completely explain

the impact the encounter has on our lives nor can we fully explain how some of

the miraculous things that God does through us happen. All we really know is

that we are glad that we have fully committed ourselves, against all odds, to go.

Our undeterred going represents our utmost desire to fully serve the Lord in

every aspect of mission and ministry. Our undeterred going represents our

committed determination to faithfully fulfill the will of God. The child of God who

says yes to the Lord’s urging to go determines in his or her heart that wherever

God leads, “I must go.”

Pastor Terry G. Thornton