It Takes A Village

Suggested Readings: Philippians 4:11-16; 1st Peter 1:13-2:3

The call has gone forth to prepare our minds for action. The charge has been given. God calls His children to set our hope on the grace that is given to us through Jesus Christ. The action that God calls us to is perfecting and maturing saints for ministry. It takes a village to nurture and disciple into mature saints those who will work in ministry leading others to Christ. In every village there is a need for persons who are sober minded and obedient. There is a need for persons who are disciplined to continue to lead others in the will and way of the Lord. The more mature Christians there are in the church, the more the ministry of perfecting and maturing saints for ministry goes forth. It is imperative that every member strives to be a functional part of the village. It is our responsibility to train others to lead someone to Christ. It is our responsibility to then take that person from the time of his or her conversion and help him or her become a solid, dedicated, committed, fruitful, mature disciple who could in time repeat the process in the life of another person. As such, each of us is encouraged to set our affections on being an instrumental, holy, sober minded part of the village to perfect and mature saints for ministry.

Pastor Terry G. Thornton