Potential and Possibilities

Suggested Readings: Luke 22:31-35; Mark 14:66-72; Acts 2:14-21

Each one of us has a life that is marked with failures, errors, and shortcomings.

Some of our disappointing moments are a direct result of an assault against us

by Satan. Yet, I also realize that some of our failures and errors are a result of

our decisions to submit to the temptation. But it is all a part of the Devil’s plan to

crush the children of God like grains of wheat. The adversary hopes to find only

chaff – something that is useless and easy for him to push around. Conversely,

each one of us has the potential to live victoriously as good Kingdom citizens.

The good news for each of us is the fact that Jesus takes the time to pray for us

regardless of how many marks of failure and shortcoming He finds on us. Jesus

realizes we will err but His prayer that our faith will not fail is the lynchpin that

makes it possible for us to fulfill our potential of being a positive Kingdom citizen.

We are not only converted by the prayers of our Lord and Savior we also have

the ability to strengthen those who walk this Christian journey with us. My

brothers and sisters continue to live in the hope of the possibility of fulfilling your

potential to positively serve the Kingdom of God.

Pastor Terry G. Thornton