Purpose and Passion Leads to Progress

Nehemiah 1:1-11

There is a natural correlation to progress from purpose and passion.

Each of us must have an unmatched level of purpose and passion to progress as God has ordained for us to advance. It is really simple: purpose and passion leads to progression. Purpose and passion both are necessary in our daily lives and ministry. God has called us a body of believers to navigate through any challenge that seeks to dismantle or interfere with our purpose and passion, whereby, we will continue the advancement that He has privileged us with. The church will make significant progress when each member has passion driven purpose for the things of God, for the people of God, and for the name of God. There is never a season for the church to be mired in mediocrity or purposelessness. God has called the church to function in His passion with a purpose that strives to benefit the people and glorify His holy name. It is understandable that some eyes have not seen nor ears heard what God is up to but the church must remain in constant, diligent and sincere prayer so we can strive with passion and purpose to experience all that God has granted us the privilege to experience.

Pastor Terry G. Thornton