Spend Time With The Master

Suggested Readings: Matthew 4:18-22 Acts 4:1-14

Spending time with the Master has a way of positively impacting our lives like no
other encounter can. Spending time with the Master moves individuals from
being ordinary to being extraordinary. The confidence that we gain about who
we are and what we are able to do through Jesus Christ empowers us to go
forward touching the lives of others with God’s goodness and bringing glory and
honor unto Him. The child of God who understands the importance of spending
time with the Master will seek to have daily encounters with Him through the
study of His word, prayer, meditation, fellowship, and other avenues. Each
encounter we have with the Master makes us better people. God gives us time
we waste, but the time we give to God, He never wastes. Find new ways and
take each opportunity to spend time with the Master.

Pastor Terry G. Thornton