Unspoken Validation

Bible Verse | 2nd Timothy 4:1-5

The call of God upon the life of a man or woman comes with its blessings and it

comes with its share of complications. The most important blessing is the

unspoken validation of your personage although God, through His omniscience,

knows all of who you are. This blessing helps the preacher to boldly stand

before the people to declare the word of God without feeling like he or she is

completely terrible, useless and worthless people. One of the most constant

complications is trying to reconcile what God wants you to say with the

compassion and relationship that you have with the people to whom you are

called to preach. But when the preacher trusts God through the entirety of his or

her calling, he or she will preach the word and be instant in season and out of

season because he or she understands that the words God gives to declare are

words that though they reprove and rebuke, are the same words that exhort,

encourage, and heal. The preacher must be prepared for, courageous in, and

sensitive to God-given opportunities to declare the unsearchable riches of Jesus

Christ. The loving words that God gives the preacher to declare pushes him or

her pass the thought that the calling and preaching are complicated to the place

of understanding that the calling and preaching are blessings to everyone


Pastor Terry G. Thornton