Water For The Thirsty

Revelation 22:12-17

I want to offer an invitation to everyone to partake of the Water For The Thirsty. I

offer this invitation to everyone to come to Jesus through these practical words

and experience the revelations, the empowerment, and the encouragement that

Christ offers through these snippets. Just as Jesus offers an invitation to the

world to come to Him for salvation, I offer this invitation for all to have an

encounter with Christ that will be life changing and monumental. This is an open

invitation for everyone that does not require you to be on any particular spiritual

level nor does it require anyone to have a certain level of education to participate.

The Gospel of Christ is not bound but unlimited in its reach and affect. Even

those who do not claim Jesus as his or her Savior are welcome to receive these

words. And I believe that the words offered in these snippets will give revelation

and encouragement to every reader that will make a meaningful difference in his

or her life. These snippets are not just for certain folks. They are for everyone.

Share these snippets. They are for everyone who has a thirst for the living water

that flows from the fountain of God. They are for everyone who will heed the call

to “Come.”

Pastor Terry G. Thornton